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Our teams

Our teams

Tabassum Ansari

With over a decade of robust experience, Tabassum Ansari anchors the intricate operations of Critical Planning Project Services Limited. With a Business Management degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration under her belt, she commands both the theory and hands-on knowledge of the construction industry in New Zealand.

Philosophy & Beliefs

Having delved deep into administration and managerial roles, Tabassum has a stellar record in project management. This includes executing critical managerial tasks, steering efficient workflows, and overseeing the entire project life cycle – from concept to on-site construction. Her expertise doesn’t stop at project initiation; she’s adept at employing scheduling, monitoring, and reporting tools to ensure projects align perfectly with client expectations.

A distinctive aspect of Tabassum’s career has been her comprehensive stint in the produce sector, and her insights into the petroleum industry. Such diverse experiences have honed her skills in operations management, guiding her towards solution-centric outcomes consistently.

Tabassum Ansari

Project Coordinator

Profound Experience

Communication isn’t just a trait for Tabassum; it’s an art she’s mastered over the years. Paired with her keen attention to detail, this makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Whether it’s overseeing cleaning staff to ensure stringent quality standards or innovating cleaning practices, Tabassum’s commitment to excellence is unwavering.


Additionally, her proficiency in planning administration, particularly in the development of detailed reports, financial management, and MS Project scheduling, is testimony to her academic prowess blending seamlessly with her practical experience.


A change champion in every sense, Tabassum’s enthusiasm and motivation fuel her continuous drive for improvement. She embodies the essence of Critical Planning Project Services Limited with her top-tier administration, outstanding communication, and influential leadership skills, essential cornerstones for the company’s ongoing success.