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Our teams

Our teams

Peter Clothier

Hailing from the heart of New Zealand’s construction industry, Gazala Ansari embodies a blend of commitment, unparalleled expertise, and a penchant for perfection. Her journey spanning over a decade in both commercial and residential construction domains tells a story of grit, dedication, and success.

About me

“Every monument ever built stands on the bedrock of meticulous planning. My academic endeavours paired with ground-level experiences have cemented my belief in the power of planning. The construction realm is in a constant state of flux, and I pride myself on being its keen observer, learner, and implementer.”

By 2016, Peter took on the mantle of steering a prominent national container and storage enterprise through uncharted waters. Here, amid significant organisational metamorphoses, his influence was palpable. From championing Business Growth & Retention strategies to leading Health & Safety protocols, Asset Management, and Regional Management, Peter showcased his multifaceted skills with aplomb.


Consulting Project &
Planning Manager

Profound Experience

Transitioning into Business Consulting in 2021, Peter brought along his treasure trove of experiences to assist businesses in achieving operational excellence. Now, as an integral member of CPProjects, Peter’s role is pivotal. Focused on fostering Business Growth, ensuring Business Retention, and providing astute mentoring, he is also entrusted with assisting Management in charting the course for the company’s bright future.

In Peter Clothier, CPProjects finds a visionary, a strategist, and a mentor – qualities that are the backbone of any successful organisation. His journey, replete with diverse experiences and achievements, serves as both an inspiration and a roadmap for his peers and protégés.